This is Consystency

We are Consystency
Consystency is the personal one-on-one web and tech solution for the small business or home user. Our clients are either home users who do not have the time themselves and desire some assistance or small business companies who do not have a full time IT deparment but would like the reassurance that they have a direct contact to depend on in a time of need.

In addition Consystency strives to do it all in an economic and evironmental way which is why our catch phrase reflects that doing what is the best isn't always the easiest when you need to go the extra mile to achieve your goal: " Dedication - is not a fair weather sport. Consystency.Net - we don't do what is easy, we do what is right."

A Decade of Excellence is completed
Consystency was proud to be the Race Director of the Elkhorn Classic Stage Race held each June in Baker City, OR. The support group traveling 310 miles from Portland and affectionately called Team Elkhorn was driven by the belief that we can no longer be simple consumers and must give back to the cycling and local communities that support bicycle efforts. In its 10-years Elkhorn infused over 1 million dollars of external money into the local economy.
With the local Baker Loves Bikes board wanting to create a grass roots race, the decade benchmark seemed like a good time to make the transistion and Consystency.Net's own Ernie Conway concluded his tenure as Race Director of the Elkhorn Classic. BLB is now launching the Baker City Cycling Classic and Consystency wishes them the very best of luck.

Consystency Offering and Services
Asked one loyal client, "What happened to all the great Consystency Service offerings we use to see? I'm lost if I don't know what other services I could obtain." Well sit back and relax - and check back for the complete Consystency Anthology that includes all the details of how Consystency was born. "Oh it's going to be so hot - I'm not sure they'll even be able to post it." notes one reliable inside source.

Who's Got a Pocket Pair
When will the Poker Page be finished? An inside source is quoted as saying "Uh look, it's not like I don't have a job and a poker page is all I have to do." To which the reply was "Come on how hard can it be to make a webpage about poker?" "What? Look there's a ton of stuff to do like; Say, how did you get in here anyway?" [Editor's note: At this point things get a bit hazy so we'll leave it right there with updates to follow. ]